Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown Fails miserably during his Indian Trip !!

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown Fails miserably during his Indian Trip !!
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Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown Fails miserably during his India Trip by violating the basic culture needed to be a good guest by criticising the India while being in India.  Also criticizes Prime Minister of India to appease his separatist voter base and those from Pakistan living in Brampton, by bashing without any knowledge.  When asked, this thin skinned Brampton Mayor blocks Bharat Marg in Twitter.. Blocking the journalists who ask you question is epitome of free speech.  Or Free Press is also one more of your fake agenda for sacked conservative leader of Ontario?

Indian PM and the home minister has made it clear by bring Malaysia to its knees when the PM of Malaysia poked his nose into Indian affairs. Now here is the small town mayor from Brampton !!  Patrick Brown and his anti Indian stand are well known even though he sings Modi Modi.. all time while coming to eat free samosas in all Indian parties.

During Brampton election after he had been kicked out the leadership of Ontario PC Party after the sex scandal broke… Criticized all those who asked you why you took anti Indian stand during the fake genocide motion bill.. by saying don’t bring back home issues here.. now what did you do?  why insulting Hindus and India for your votes?  Do you think you can fool the people by singing about Modi and eating free samosas in al the Indian parties by showing up as unceremonious guest?

Tax payers money gets wasted for Patrick Brown’s lavish Indian trip. Already Canadian PM Justin Trudeau did the same mistake to get slapped and come back from India with black face..  Here is a failed mayor who couldn’t devop Brampton being over enthusiastic to play vote bank politics and fails the city miserably again !! Check out the video… to know the truth as it is… comment.. react and share to expose !!

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