We stand Jagjit Kaur – Sikh girl kidnaped and force converted to Islam in Pakistan

We stand Jagjit Kaur – Sikh girl kidnaped and force converted to Islam in Pakistan

Daughter of a ‘granthi’ (priest) of Gurudwara Tambu Sahib, was allegedly forcibly taken away at gunpoint on night of August 27-28. In a video message, her brother said, “Our family has faced a tragic incident as some goons forcibly entered our house and abducted my younger sister. They tortured her and forcibly converted her to Islam.”

She was abducted, forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man in Nankana Sahib Area of Lahore. The victim Jagjit Kaur was found after a video surfaced showing her forcible conversion and being renamed as ‘Ayesha’.

It is a shameful act. This issue will be raised and action will be taken. Friends of Imran Khan who are in other parties in Punjab should tell him to put an end to such things.

Jagit Kaur’s brother went on to say , “We went to a police station to register a complaint. We met many senior officials but they have not listened to our complaint. The goons again came to our house and forced us to withdraw our complaint and threatened that they will also force us to convert to Islam if we persisted with the complaint.”

The members of the Sikh community in Pakistan have condemned the horrific incident and conducted a meeting at Gurudwara Nankana Sahib. They have decided to organize a protest on Friday at Governor House while an international conference related to Kartarpur Corridor is scheduled to be held there

We at Bharat Marg will ask the #PakPremies #Kalistanis why so silent when our own people are kidnapped, killed, converted..  Just because you guys want to keep Pakistani Jiahdi ISI bosses happy?  Why silence when Pakistani Taliban kill our Hindu-Sikh brothers, sisters and kids? Why silence and none of you have guts to stand against the Pakistani grooming gangs that take away the sikh girls for conversation and prostitution.. When do you guys plan to end your hypocrisy and double standard and will stand up with courage and take one the enemy without fear?

Bharat Marg  want to assure our Sanatan Dharmi brothers and sisters.. Bharat is with you .. Modi Govt is with you.. Each and every Sanatan Dharmi is with you and we shall make sure the atrocities are stopped and good days are ahead for you. Waheguru !! Jai Sia Ram !!



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