Vijayadhasami – HSS function in Toronto Canada

Vijayadhasami – HSS function in Toronto Canada

The Parent Organisation of HSS (Hindu SwayamSevak Sangh) the inspired Organisation of RSS (Rashtriya SwayamSevaK Sangh) was started by  Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, a doctor in the city of Nagpur on the day of Vijayadashami on 1925. Volunteer organisation that is widely regarded as the parent organisation of the ruling party of India, the Bharatiya Janata Party.The RSS is one of the principal organisations of the Sangh Parivar group.

HSS function was great. Many youngsters (SwayamSevaks) from different Shakas performed various activities like Music, March and Show fight with the stick and more.  The co-ordination in each program was simply great. Each Shaka was performing at its best.  This year the program happened in the auditorium of Sringeri Temple in Toronto. This arena was was jam packed.

Function was with the band, and showcasing the shaka skills and they youngsters learned in the training program and Surya Namaskar. This was followed by powerful and patriotic Geet.  This function was preceded by Sri Dharmendra Dholakiya and he then invited the guests to come up and talk to the audience.  Later towards the end of the function, there was even Shastra Pooja for the audience to participate.

HSS’s American Zone Sangajalak (President) Padma Bhushan Pro Sri Ved P Nandha gave an incredible speech remaining the roots, Dharma and culture. This was great and he tried to pour all his experience in that short period of time.  Keynote speaker was the Consulate General of India  Sri Dinesh Bhatia Ji. He gave an incredible speech on Mahabharata and explained what is Indian Sub Continent really meant. Also he said, when people invite me for any so called South Asian function.. I say them i’m not the Consulate General of  South Asian countries but to India.. So I’ll love to come to the function and join all if it is Indian function and not otherwise.. This was a mesmerizing speech.

Once the function concluded with the prayer, Great snacks were provided. Kids had great time of playing and hanging out after great time in the function for a while.  In overall, this was a grand function for bringing the people from Santana Dharma under a roof and also to introduce the Hindu SwayamSevak Sang for many people.

We will request all the readers if you never visited a Shaka before, find a Shaka next to your place. Go and check and learn how HSS/RSS can benefit you and your family. If you don’t know where it is happening and need help, contact us in the comment area to help you out. Jai Sri Ram.





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