Navarathri Golu Celebration in Canada

Navarathri Golu Celebration in Canada

This was an incredible Golu this time at our place in Canada. Want to really thank my mom and Vaishnavi, who did all it takes to make this Golu as one of the most beautiful one for all to enjoy and get blessed.

This year our Golu’s theme was of the famous Gajendra Moksham Story. You could see when the king of elephants was going to take shower and fetch flowers to do pooja with his family and friends.. Gaja Raj got caught in the water by crocodile and then they had a fight for a very long time. The fight took place that long, that all his friends and family left him and gone back home.

At the end, being not that powerful as a crocodile inside the water.. the king of elephants lost it all. He lost his strength, blood, flesh, ego, arrogance and everything. Then he calls God’s name for help with nothing to offer.. but just the thought of surrender.. As soon as elephant called, Vishnu Bhagavan comes on his eagle and kills the crocodile and blesses both crocodile and elephant with place in heaven. Moral of the story is powerful. When you call God, with no arrogance, ego and with only an attitude of surrender, God gives Dharshan with no delay and blesses us.

This Golu became much more blessed and interesting because of the incredible guests who visited our home with their family and blessed our home and by joining the Navarathri Golu made it much more special. We want to thank all our dear friends Prem & Remya Dhandapani, Smita Kurup, Sanjeev Kalia, Sandeep Kumar, Kamini Singh, Hardhayal Kalla, Mahendra Bhandari, Harshit Shah, Pushroop Brar and each one of their family members who really made this event memorable..

Click and check out here in detail. Event video is attached also along with all the pictures to see, share and comment.. Jai Durga Mata..


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