Translating from Your language of choice to English

Translating from Your language of choice to English

Dear Writer friends, Some time this may happen..that you can think exactly in your mother tongue but not able to translate exactly in English.  If this situation any time happen to you.. then you can follow the following steps to produce a good article in English. Never worry..After posting off course your friends, family and you too can read any article or page in any Indian language of your choice by choosing to Translate Language on the left side to your favourite language.

To get the Translation done for your writing

pl go to


Copy Paste the line you want to translate (only few lines can be done at at time)  writing

Make sure English is Chosen in the right side box

Then press the Translate button

Now you would have got your content from the left would have got translated to right

Make sure to verify & fix any errors in translation before posting.

Wish you all the best & Now you are ready to post your article and reach the world

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