TikTok App orders employees to delete Anti-China content

TikTok App orders employees to delete Anti-China content
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TikTok has ordered its employees not to post any anti-Chinese material on the app. This incident came to light after the information of an e-mail in this regard was revealed. There are videos on TikTok on Hinduphobia which TikTok was asked to remove, but they have not been removed. That is why we should not use this app.
The e-mail also suggested that Tibetan Buddhist leader Dalai Lama and pro-Tibetan material be removed from the app. This suggests that the TikTok establishment is working in China’s interest. On the other hand, it is said that no action is being taken on the videos of jihadi ideology.
Its astonishing that, irrespective of millions of Muslims detained in China for practising Islam.. Jihadi and Jihadi supported organizations work to execute the Communist China orders and promoting their products and narrative around the world to save China !! Lets take the campaign #BoycottTikTok #BoycottChina campaign forward. COVID-19 is too expansive in our life to buy cheap trash from China. React..Comment and Share your opinion !!

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