They Shamed India as land of untouchability – Social Distancing

They Shamed India as land of untouchability – Social Distancing
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Christian Missionaries #PeaceFool Mullas & White Supremacists Shamed India as land of untouchability for decades to run their conversion business !! Now Preaching us with new term Social Distancing to hide stupidity !!  Sanatan Hindu Dharma is a way of life. Those who try to shame its practises are the same ones who were saying for a long time that God’s word is Sun is revolving around the earth and earth is flat etc.”

This is exactly why, “Sanatan Dharma” is called as a way of life. Sanatan Dharam stands on science where as Abrahamic religions stand of blind faith. #CoronaVirus #COVID19 has exposed these people who were running their business on conversion for long time.

Not touching when no need, no hand shake, burning the dead body and many more.. Will recommend each one to watch the video to learn more on this aspects and feel free to send whatsapp for more questions and/or to get one dharmic message a day to learn more about Sanatan Dharma to +1 647 964 4790



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