CoronaVirus COVID-19 Lock down – Making it Safe & Fun for Children

CoronaVirus COVID-19 Lock down – Making it Safe & Fun for Children
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CoronaVirus COVID-19 Lock down has been tough on all of us around the world. As an adult, we mostly understand how and why to do certain things right. We go through financial uncertainty and many other stress and strain in this time.
Do we understand Children also go through their own share of it? Not knowing why their parents and family members are so concerned.. and pressured and many more questions. They also go through some withdrawal syndrome and many of them go through mental trauma by not going to school and meeting their best friends, favourite teachers and weekend cousins and more.

Check out this video with your children on how they can have fun (?) in this time of lock down and beat the boredom and stress. Also we all can comment on more ideas so each other can benefit. We are sure, you will enjoy and laugh with the video and use this as a stress reliever also.. Lets encourage our children. Stand by them. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more upcoming videos to help everyone. Let’s stay connected & Strong !! Hare Krishna !!

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