Srirangam Ranganatha Perumal-Thiruppan Alwar

Srirangam Ranganatha Perumal-Thiruppan Alwar

Thiruppan alwar was found on a paddy field by a childless couple. As he was an alwar he was a divine person. As he grew up he started playing the veena and singing songs on the lord. Farmers were considered to be a lowly cast and the lowly cast people were not allowed to step in the Kaveri River.

The people who brought up Thiruppan alwar were farmers and as a result Thiruppan alwar used to sing praises of the lord on the banks of the river. A sage named Loka Saranga came to the river Kaveri so he could draw water for the temple. There someone named Panar was there in deep devotion of the lord and was unaware of his surroundings and did not hear the sage telling him to leave.

The sage threw a stone at his direction to awaken him but the stone hit Thiruppan alwar on the forehead. The alwar realized the injury only after he finished singing songs on the lord. So was Thiruppan alwar’s devotion toward the lord! The sage was greatly surprised when he saw the deity Lord Ragunatha bleeding. At that night when the sage slept he had a dream.

The lord commanded him to bring the alwar to the temple immediately in the morning. So as per the lord’s command Loka Saranga went to the place where Thiruppan alwar was. He told to come to the temple. But Thiruppan alwar refused he said it was against the rules.

Then Loka Saranga told the lords command and said if you do not want to step in the waters then please climb on my shoulders. Then Thiruppan alwar climbed on the shoulders of the sage and was most joyful when he saw the lord. He created lots of parashurams on the lord describing his beauty from head to toe. The bleeding also stopped when the alwar came. This proves that bhakti is the ultimate.


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