Harvard Tamil Chair a Scam? – Know the Truth

Harvard Tamil Chair a Scam? – Know the Truth

Harvard Tamil Chair a Scam? – Did Thiruvalluvar promoted Hindu Dharma?  – Answers DevaPriya Ji (Scholar and Researcher of Tamiz & Bible) 

Do we really need to donate money to Harvard Tamiz Char or its a Scam. Go through this must watch video interview before you decide to know the truth.  Did Thiruvalluvar promoted Hindu Dharma? or he was Secular like the media and other so called sold outs in Tamiz Nadu wants to you to believe? Check out this Video to know the truth.

When you don’t know what you need to know then you get cheated is it not? Why Harvard University wants to work with Tamiz and other Hindu Literature and whats in it for them?  Why the so called Tamiz Scholars & Intellectuals are carrying  candle for Christian missionaries in this process?  Was Thiruvalluvar a strong Hindu who promoted Santana Dharma or it is not true as you hear in so called mainstream media?

Check this out and comment..  When you cannot protect your culture.. Don’t blame the thief. Check this video interview and know the truth and get equipped and share it with all and in more specific the younger children.. Comment your feedback.



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