Small Town Mayor from Brampton Canada Says he oppose #CAA & Modi !!

Small Town Mayor from Brampton Canada Says he oppose #CAA & Modi !!
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Small Town Mayor from Brampton Canada Patrick Brown Says he oppose #CAA & Modi !! As If Indian Prime Minister Modi will know who he is and what he said. Patrick Brown thinks he might end up changing the Indian law that’s meant for national security and welfare of its citizens.

What a Joke. This failed mayor from little town of Brampton promised.. to bring university which he couldn’t. Also today under the mayorship of Patrick Brown, Brampton records highest crime rate and gang war. As he couldn’t get done anything, now he tries to poke his nose into international matter to punch above his weight.

Patrick Brown trying to appease Pakistanis and Khalistani Terrorists in Canada for votes is no new. He took Anti India stand by abstain to vote For Sikh Genocide Motion as PC Party Leader, before he got Kicked out for Sex Scandal. By claiming he loves Modi with a old photo that he took whenever and eating samosas in Indian Parties, will he able to hide his Anti Indian stand that he continues to take ? only time can answer.

So called Indo-Canadian community leaders, vested interest and handlers should feel shame of themselves today. How much marketing you do to trick your own community?  You honestly believe, people can be fooled for ever?  A serious introspection needed for the Indo-Canadian community’s photo opp specialists !!

Check out this old video where Patrick Brown when giving interview to Bharat Marg got red faced on why he abstained from voting during so called “Sikh Genocide Motion”, he got red faced and thrended us to edit the video and failed. Check now the video now about his continued anti Indian stand at  !! Share this and expose the Anti Indian stand of Patrick brown and call his office and urge him not to run away from university and crime free promises and work and get the job done rather than talking about subjects where he has no knowledge or control !!
#BramPoli #OnPoli #CanPoli


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