Singapore Waterloo Krishna Temple

Singapore Waterloo Krishna Temple

Singapore Waterloo Krishna temple was originally started in 1870 under a banyan tree. Later It went thru lots of construction and facility improvements. Today this temple is sign of authentic Hindu temple in Singapore.

If you are in Singapore you must visit the temple for any Hindu celebrations/occasions. Navarathri and Bramhotsavam are the major ones to specify here, but all the festivals are conducted in equal importance and details.

There was a special history of the temple, during the initial construction, workers excavated the land and uncovered a Buddhist goddess deity and they wanted to give it to Buddhist temple that  is next door. But Krishna temple priest had a dream and in the dream the Buddhist goddess came and said I am the sister of Krishna and to be placed in Krishna temple itself.

Today you can see the Buddhist goddess deity and it made of 100% gold. The temple has following specialties. 1) All the statue in the praharam are made of marble. 2) All deity statues are greatly sculptured (Thatroopam) to have real feeling. 3) River goddess statues are around the temple, this is to say nature is form of god, which includes rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Krishna and Gothavari 4) Sudharshana, Narashima and Surya Narayana sanidhi have great attractive power (Akarshana sakthi). 5) Sudharshana homam conducted in certain frequency and people can register for that.

If you can visit this temple in Singapore, Certainly go…Enjoy the Dharshan and be blessed.


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