Shiv Sena the Worst Friend & Best Enemy

Shiv Sena the Worst Friend & Best Enemy

Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut exposes how #KhanGress and so called Iron lady Indira Gandhi and NCP and its boss Sharad Pawar were controlled and operated by the #PeaceFool underworld dons.

We all Know how Indira Gandhi and #KhanGress worked to destroy Hindu-Sikh relationship by brining and radicalizing and terrorizing along with Bhindran Wale and then he and other terrorists and their operations were cleaned up  from Golden Temple when she lost control on him

How Indira Gandhi fueled Khalistan Movement along with #TerrorIstan ISI to destroy the Hindu-Sikh harmony is a known story. Today what reveled by Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut was how #KhanGress Indira Gandhi ran India on the advice of #TerrorIstan Supported Gangsters and underworld Dons. She was even dropping into Mumbai just to meet these goons to run the country.

This is #KhanGress Friends. Enemies of Bharat !! Lets Stand together and eliminate them ones of all because that’s the right thing to do !! Jai Bharat Mata Ki !! Jai Sia Ram Ji Ki !!


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