No Women Safety… Only Rapist Safety for Delhi CM AAP Kejriwal !!

No Women Safety… Only Rapist Safety for Delhi CM AAP Kejriwal !!
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AAP Kejriwal came to power in Delhi as CM by Chanting Nirbhaya’s Name & Women Safety !!  Now Rapists are saved in Delhi, CM Kejriwal and his buddy lawer Rahul Mehra … Teary eyed Nirbhaya’s parents, explosive claim !!

AAP Kejriwal and his gang never stood up or did anything for women safety.. but only promote Rapist Safety say, Nirbhaya’s parents. Never forget that juvenile rapist in Nirbhaya case Mohammad Afroz was sent out of jail with an award and reward to jin up the #PeaceFool gang for votes by #AAP #DelhiCM #Kejriwal

Delhi has a clear choice now.. either vote for Women safety or for Rapist safety. With APP Kejriwal in power, all the Rapists and Jihadi gangs and Tukde Tukde gangs that protest across Delhi with the support of various NGOs and Terror outfits will be certainly safe but not our girls..!! I stand with the party that stands and works for our women.. that is not Kejriwal for sure !!

Modi Hai Tho Mumkin Hai !! Delhi can certainly get Acche Din with Modi Ji. We can feel the time for Gundagardi politics, Jihadi politics and corruption politics has come !! More power and winning for Modi means.. More power and winning for Bharat you!! Delhi becomes right, means.. Bharat becomes right.. Lets vote right and big !!


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