Sharda Peeth (POK) – History & Dharma Yudh : By Sri Ravinder Pandita

Sharda Peeth (POK) – History & Dharma Yudh : By Sri Ravinder Pandita
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Freeing Sharda Peeth at (POK) Pakistan Occupied Kashmir & starting the Sharda Pilgrimage has been the life mission and the Dharma Yudh Sri Ravinder Pandita fought through out his life and continues to do so.
Know this Man and his Mission and what miracles a man can do when he has Mata Ji’s blessings on his side !! Stay connected with us… More to come !! Exclusive Interview only on Bharat Marg !!

Know all about Sharda Mata and her Blessings !!
How Shankara became Shankaracharya and rejuvenated Sanatan Dharma ?
Many more never known information.

A Man with Passion can win court battle even in Pakistan & POK to save his Dhamma !!
When people can be allowed to Kartarpur Why not Sharda?
How you can join and contribute to Mission Sharda ?
Where did the Sandalwood deity of Maa Sharda gone?
Stay Tuned and Stay Connected with us & Know all about it from the man who dedicated his life in recovering Sharda Peeth Sri Ravinder Pandita (Head/ Founder SAVE SHARDA COMMITTEE KASHMIR) himself. Coming soon !! Jai Maa Sharda !!
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