Krishna Janmashtami’s “I-Krishna” Contest !!

Krishna Janmashtami’s  “I-Krishna” Contest !!
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Bharat Marg is excited to announce, This year for Janmastami (Aug 12th) we are holding a mega “I-Krishna” Contest !! Open for all age groups and you can do one or more of the following:

 Decorate home / pooja room beautifully to welcome Krishna on Janmashtami day
 Decorate deity of Krishna at your home with creativeness & Uniqueness during Janmashtami Pooja
 Dress up as Sri Krishna / Gopika/ Gopal (if you are a parent then dress your child/children as Sri Krishna)
 Make tasty Prasad for Janmashtami (Easy to recipe will be provided)
 Make a drawing of Sri Krishna / Radha Krishna /
 Sing songs or bhajans on Sri Krishna and send your video
 Dance to songs about Sri Krishna and send video

You will have to send the photos or the videos to (Record the songs or dances and take a picture for the other ones.) The deadline for the contest is August 13th. Once you send it, all Participants will get a certificate from as Krishna Gopika (girls) or Krishna Gopal (boys).

Try to be creative and come up with unique but traditional ideas. For the drawing, you can do Krishna and Radha, Vasudev ji bringing Sri Krishna, you can do whatever you can think of, the only thing is, it has to be about Sri Krishna, it has to do with something about Sri Krishna expressing devotion and creativity. Bring your uniqueness out. If you see that on the internet multiple people are doing the decorations one way, but you don’t want to do it that way, then don’t. Do it from your heart, and do what you want. You don’t have to copy what other people are doing.

At we will send easy to do recipes for  Janmashtami Prasad, you can either see that and make or you can use the online ones you see too. If you are using the online ones you can also send the name of the Prasad along with how to make it but that is optional.

We are really excited to have you participate in our Janmashtami contest. Please share to your friends and relatives and let everyone participate. Let’s see how many Krishna Gopals & Krishna Gopikas we can find on this upcoming Janmashtami.

Jai Sree Krishna!!


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