Sadhvi Pragya Thakur – Challenging the Fake Hindu terror narrative of Political elites

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur – Challenging the Fake Hindu terror narrative of Political elites

Many of us know during the Congress-UPA rule of Bharat in those 10 years many Hindu saints were targeted, Jailed and abused similar like the time of Mogul era. Brutally beaten and dragged to jail and it was shear religious atrocity. But this time it was done by the ruling Congress Gandhi family on the majority Sanatan Dharmic community to push their agenda of minority appeasement and to aid conversion and help Vatican by punishing all Hindu Sadhus and Sanyasins.

During this period Sadhvi Pragya a Hindu Sannyasin   was picked up and was accused in connection with 2008 Malegaon terrorist bombings. She faced arrest, but was granted bail only after 8 years of jail time and torture following dropping of charges under the MCOCA section by the Special National Investigation Agency (NIA) court.

Also as she is suffering from breast cancer, her health was considered a factor in granting her bail. She currently faces trial for terror charges under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

During her interview on popular TV show Aap Ki Adalat in India TV hosted by journalist Rajat Sharma, she revealed how she was brutally tortured in police custody for 23 days continuously during interrogation, and was denied access to her lawyer and family members. She also exposed that “this was certainly a conspiracy hatched by the Congress-led UPA government, which resulted into my nine-year ordeal. It was meant to endorse the bogey of Saffron terror, a term coined by P Chidambaram (former home minister) and Digvijaya Singh of Congress, against whom she is contesting now in Bhopal in BJP. I am innocent and a victim of religious prosecution for being a Hindu Sanyasin.

When they took her away illegally, they kept her for 13 days. On the first day itself, they started beating with a belt, the entire nervous system used to go blank she says. They used to beat day and night.

ATS (Anti Terrorism Squad) used to hurl abuses while beating. They used to threaten her of hanging upside down stripped off naked. “It is unbearable for me to recall the torture I suffered in the custody”  Hindu Sanyasin Sadvi Pragya Singh Thakoor.

When speaking Sadhvi Pragya syas, Lok Sabha election is a “Dharm Yudh,”  and “I am not contesting elections. I am a ‘sanyasi.’ And this is a ‘Dharm Yudh.’ I am here considering it as the order of God. I am not here to do ‘netagiri.’ I have been instructed by the God to take part in this ‘Dharm Yudh’.”

Sadhvi also said that she was begging to the people for their votes. “I beg because I am a sanyasi. So, I will beg for your vote for the nation, vote for the integrity of the country.  If ‘vidharmis’ win, we will not be able to show our face to our children,” she said.

By allowing Sadhvi Pragya to contest from Bhopal against Congress Digvijaya Singh, Hindu Nationalist party of Bharat “BJP” has sided clearly against those who abuse Desh and Dharma and all those saints who went through the torture just because they were Hindus by previous Congress-UPA regime.  How far and wide this Sadhvi Pragya effect will go and impact the election result by May 23rd is something we have to wait and watch.

But the message by Indian PM Sri Narendhra Modi by this candidature is clear.. Hindus cannot be used as dirty diapers and no more to use them during the election time and then trash them.  Lets unite.. Lets stand behind our honorable PM Sri Modi Ji and also all sanyasis and Sanyasinis and let our votes speak and re elect our PM Modi Ji to protect our Desh and Dharma !!


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