Sabarimala Swami Ayyappan saying something? – Flood destruction of Kerala

Sabarimala Swami Ayyappan saying something? – Flood destruction of Kerala

Sabarimala temple in Kerala restricts women aged between 10 yrs and 50 yrs from taking the pilgrimage to Sabarimala – which means women are banned from even making the arduous trek to the shrine.

The restriction finds its source from the legendary that Sabarimala temple deity – Swami Ayyappa – is a ‘NaishtikaBrahmachari’ – and should not be disturbed. Gods own country has become a land of conversion by both Abrahamic religion, Christians and Muslims with the backing of Communist and So called Secular Congress have been targeting Hindus and working on destroying Hindu traditions and beliefs.

Even though they met with lot of objections from the Pandala royal family and several Ayyappa groups that the deity was not “interested” in women devotees of the restricted age bracket visiting him, Supreme Court has reacted that such arguments merely based on conjecture without any constitutional basis cannot be entertained in the Supreme Court. “Deity’s interest is a hypothesis which we do not want to comment on now. It is not within our domain. God is everywhere, in every atom,” SC Said.

All these things happened short couple of weeks back only and now you see whole Kerala is struggling in floods. Ayyapan has been a God, literally talking and guiding the devotees and this incident could be a real slap on those who have been targeting the temple and Swami Ayyappan.

There have been many instances and stories even in the recent past where Swami Ayyapan has shown his presence to the devotees and this could be one of such time.  Even there is belief.. That when people do Pooja for 45 days and then go to the temple to have Dharshan of the God and come back safely.

‘NaishtikaBrahmachari’– Swami Ayyappan is talking..  Hopefully those who can hear and listen will do..   Video is attached here on how one can have even dharshan of Swami Ayyapan.

Kerala is battered by rain since August last week, flooding hundreds of villages and prompting the authorities to suspend flights in and out of the region. More than 50,000 have sought shelter in relief camps. Many people have been reported dead.

At this time we pray Supreme Lord Swamy Ayyappan to stand with innocent people and save Dharma and good people as he has always done.

Swami Saranam !!              AyyappaSaranam!!


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