What did Sikh Gurus taught really – In depth discussion

What did Sikh Gurus taught really  – In depth discussion

We will be having a discussion, debate & Question and answer this week along with some esteemed Sikh Religious leaders regarding real teachings of Sikh Gurus and what is really giving in Guru Granth Sahib.. What’s being practiced.

1) Did Sikhism & Gurus really promoted Jhatka Meat?
2) Where the Gurus against having wedding with Agni Shakshi?
3) Whats is Guru Granth Sahib saying about Cow slaughter & Cow Raksha?
4) Why so much addiction of drug / alcoholism in Punjab & Sikh Community?

Many sticky points like Jhatka Meat, Wedding in Sikh community, drug addiction, Cow slaughter, Who is a real Sikh and more.

We will request you to post your questions here in the comment area. These questions will be answered by the experts and a clear reference in Guru Granth Sahib will be provided. Get answered by the religious scholars and know the truth.


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