Robbers breaking into home & Loot in Brampton: Live Video

Robbers breaking into home & Loot in Brampton: Live Video

Do you live in Brampton, Mississauga, GTA ? You never got robbed? Think you are safe.. Check this video of Robbery in Brampton live.. An Epidemic where 10 to 20 break ins happen every day even in broad daylight. Peel Police hardly able to do anything. They say these robberies are getting outsourced to foreign countries for criminals to come in Visitor visa and rob the home / building and go back to their country. Police cannot even identify them where hardly able to get less than 15% of the cases solved. Fact is Police don’t even show up for 3 hours after 911 call providing absolutely no support. Do you think Safety, Service, Visa regulations and right to protect ourselves and our family should be an issue in this election…?
Check this video on how professionally the home is getting robbed in just less than 20 minutes. Security alarm & Police can do nothing. Can you fire the robber and protect your home and family? Are we the sitting duck waiting for this robbery to happen to us? These guys may be living in our own neighborhood.. Check the video and interview with the home owner & their devastating experience.


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