Remembrance and Prayer Event for Victims of 1985 Air India-182 Plane bombed and murdered by Khalistani Terrorists

Remembrance and Prayer Event for Victims of 1985 Air India-182 Plane bombed and murdered by Khalistani Terrorists

This was an incredible event flooded with people all over the Air India 182 Bomb victim memorial. People were pouring in from the morning. When we spoke to the family members, many of them couldn’t even talk with choked throat. Each one were remembering their loved ones. Many of them have lost their near and dear ones in this terrorist attack by Khalistani terrorists. You can see some of these victims and their family in the Video here.

We were also glad to see all those Canadian politicians like Dipika Damerla Ji, Sonia Sidhu ji, Ruby Sahota Ji, Mr John Tory, Mr Kevin J Jonston and many more people in sup0port of the event and victim families. Each one of them spoke in the event to news channels and reporters and expressed their sympathy for victims and condemnation for terror acts. Consulate General of India Sri Dinesh Bhatia Ji was also there with his wife Seema Ji expressing solidarity with victim’s family and encouraging peace.

There was great number of people standing with Placards expressing their condemnation for Terror act which you can see in the video also. People also hauled off in the event who demanded the justice for people and alarming the politicians against soft pedaling of terrorism and sympathizing with terrorists for votes. Also when we interviewed and spoke to many passing by people.. They were saying “We walk through this place of the park many times a year and never noticed that there is even a memorial for Bomb victims here”. This is very sad state of afire and appeasement politics. There is not even a marking of the memorial on top of the names of the victims or back side where stone… This is kept blank for the above mentioned reason. Memorial detail is written in the side of the memorial on pink on pink stone.. in a way it is very difficult even for the enthusiastic readers to read. The memorial needs good marking so that people know what it is so that they can spend time and pray for the victims.

Event was concluded with Sri Rishi Acharya Ji’s along with BJP leader of Canada Sri Vipin Sharma ji led the prayer session with Gayathri Maha Manthra for the Athma shanthi of the victim family. The whole crowd chanting the Gayathri Maha Manthra and that was certainly a scene worth watching.

We cannot bring the victims who were murdered in this biggest Terrorist attack of Canada. But spending time with grieving victim’s families, concerned policy makers of Canada and Patriotic citizens of Canada left us with a belief…This peaceful nation can be protected still by standing against terrorism and calling them out for who they are.. we can handover the peaceful nation with higher human values to our children and the generations to come.


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