Ready 4 #JihadiSquad Challenge? Pick Your Own #JihadiSquad now

Ready 4 #JihadiSquad Challenge? Pick Your Own #JihadiSquad now

It’s time for a #JihadiSquad Challenge !!

Pick Your Own #JihadiSquad now

We at Bharat Marg have picked 4 Congress women from USA who will do anything to destroy the border and nation with their Jihadi ideology !! Our Choice for the award for #JihadiSquad goes to Congress Women Rashida Talib, Congress Women  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Congress Women Ilhan Omar and Congress women Ayanna Pressley !!

Now it’s your time.. Can you choose your own #JihadiSquad and comment below from place and whom ever you think is ideal for this award #JihadiSquad !! Wish you all the best !!


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