Ramanuja’s True devotion – Lessons from Acharya’s life

Ramanuja’s True devotion – Lessons from Acharya’s life

Once Sree Yadava Prakasa was teaching the Upanishads and Ramanujacharya disagreed about one of the verses in front of the other disciples. This was considered a humiliation for Sree Yadava Prakasa and because of this incident he din’t even mind to kill Ramanujacharya.


In the ashram when no one was there Sree Yadava prakasha called his closest disciple and said to him Ramanujacharya has humiliated me today and for that I am going to kill him. Can you please tell me any idea? Guru, I think we can tell him that we are going on a forest trip and we are going to take a bath in the holy river. There lets drown him. Sree Yadava Prakasha said this is a good idea but we must make sure we keep it a secret.


Govinda Bhatta who happened to be the son of Kamalanayana bhatta also studied under Sree Yadava Prakasa and overheard the conversation. The next morning as they were going on the trip managed to stay back with Ramanujacharya. When they were close to the river Govinda Bhatta told Ramanujacharya the plan that Sree Yadava Prakasa had made and advice him go back to Kanchi Puram.


As per Govindha Bahatta’s advice when he was going back it became night, Ramanujacharya got lost in the forest. Worried Ramanaja was resting under a tree. Soon he saw a hunter and his wife approaching him. Ramanujacharya told them his story. Hunter told Ramanjua that they are also going to Kanchi also and he can come with them. All three proceeded to Kanchi. They slept under a tree on that night. At don the hunters wife pretended to be thirsty was asking for water. The hunter asked Ramanuja if he can get some water. When Ramanujacharya came back with the water the hunter couple had vanished and Ramanujacharya heard the sound of temple bells of Kanchi Varadha Raja Perumal Temple.


Soon Ramanujacharya realised that Mata Lakshmi and Vishnu Bagavan were them self came as hunter and his wife and brought him just in one night from the place he got lost in the middle of the forest, on his way from Kashi to Kanchi.


By the mean time Govinda Bhatta since he was related to Ramanujacharya said in a very grieved voice said, I think Ramanujacharya has been eaten up by an animal and has gone to eternal sleep. Sree Yadava prakasha was relieved and returned to Kanchi Puram. He was most surprised to see Ramanujacharya bow to his feet. Ramanujacharya was in Kanchi and serving Varadha Raja Perumal for many years from then.

This proves that if someone has true devotion in God as much as Ramanujacharya they can see God in any form and soon realise that it is none other than the ultimate Sri Maha Vishnu and his companion Mata Lakshmi.


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    Thank you very much Kirthiga atta especially for your encouragement.

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