Ramanujacharya: The Thrikal Dharshi – Life Story & Lessons

Ramanujacharya: The Thrikal Dharshi – Life Story & Lessons

About Ramanujacharya

Ramanuja charya has 4 incarnations.
Adisesha in Drita Yuga
Lakshamana in Trata Yuga
Balarama in Dwapari Yuga
Ramanuja charya in Kali Yuga


Ramanuja charya sanctified the place was born [Sreeparambatur]. His father was a master in vedas and scriptures. He had a wife and was born in the Hari dynasty. After a lunar eclipse the couple went to see lord Parthasarathi. They prayed devotionally and also performed the putra kamasti yaga. The lord was pleased and blessed them with a child.


They named the child Ramanuja charya. Some people believe that Ramanuja charya was the 5 weapons of god [Bow, Sword, Chakra, Sungh and Gadha] Kamala nayana bhatta was related to Kesavi Somayagi and his wife. Kamalanayana bhttas brother taught Ramanuja charya with his own knowledge. By the time Ramanuja charya finished 16 he proficient in the vedas. Then Ramanuja charya got married. Shortly after marriage Ramanuja charya lost his father. He then wished to study the Upanishads and went Kanchi puram. There he became the disciple of sree Yadava prakasha.


Breaking a curse

There was an incident in the palace. The king married a queen but after a few days the king found out she was a bharma rakshasi. Sree Yadava prakasha along with his disciples arrived at the palace. Sree Yadava prakasha started to recite the vedas when the bharma rakshasi interrupted. She said, oh poor brahmin you think I don’t know all these vedas you are reciting. I thought that you dint know all these vedas that you are reciting. Well for that you need to know my earlier birth but you don’t even know your earlier birth then how will you know mine? Ok then tell me my earlier birth said the acharya.


The bharma rakshasi said, you were a lizard and were living near an anthill. Few Vaishnavas happened to stay there for a day. They took a bath, had their meal and left. They had spilled some holy water and threw the leftovers next to you. You ate the leftovers and drank the holy water thus you attained this noble form. After listening to all this Sree Yadava prakasha said ok leave my earlier birth and tell me your earlier birth.


The bharma rakshasi said I was a noble bharmin . I was performing yagnya there were lipids around me thus I was cursed to become a bharma rakshasi. Is there no way for this curse to brake? There is said the bharma rakshasi. Do you see that bharmin behind you as bright as the sun, Ramanuja charya? If he places his lotus feet on me and commands me to leave I shall be free from the curse. What shall signal you departure asked Sree Yadava prakasha?


Do you see that branch on the tree? That’s my dwelling. When I am released from the curse that branch shall break. Then Ramanuja charya came and placed his foot on the bharma rakshasi. The curse was broken, the branch fell down and the bharma rakshasi got up as a queen and shone like Rohini liberated from an eclipse. The royal couple bowed to Ramanuja charya.


This proves that Ramanujacharya was great enough that they can even break a curse and he was also a Thrikal Dharshi.


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