Qualities of a good student – Lesson from Mahabharat

Qualities of a good student – Lesson from Mahabharat

Lessons from Arjun for a Student

• One day Dronacharya said to hit the toy bird and Arjun could see and aim only the bird’s eye. Like this we should be focused only on the target and nothing else.
• When Bheem was eating kheer at dark night and his hand never missed his mouth Arjun asked how. Bheem said practice Arjun practice. Arjun then started doing archery at night and became the world’s best archer. Arjun took what Bheem said in learning context and that is what we should do too.
• Dronacharya was teaching chakra vyuh to Aswatama (his son) when the other students were playing. Arjun saw this and stopped playing. He went and sat next to the guru. When he was asked don’t you like to play? Arjun said yes I do but when the guru is teaching it is not the time to play and this is what we should put into practice.

Lessons from Krishna for a Student

• Lord Krishna was a prince even then when his guru sent him out with Sudama to the forest to get firewood he did not say no. He obeyed his guru. Like this we should also obey our teacher.
• When lord Krishna found out that his guru mata had a son and he was caught by demons, he knew what exactly what to give for the guru dakshana (guru’s fee).  He went and brought back his guru mata’s son. He could do anything for the happiness of his guru and guru mata and so should we.

Lessons from Ekalavya for a Student

• Ekalavya would have been the best archer had he not cut his thumb. When Dronacharya knew that Ekalavya was his disciple he was stunned and confused. What he saw was, nothing that a normal archer could do. He remembered the promise he did to Arjun to make him the best archer in the whole world. So he asked for Ekalavya’s thumb! Ekalavya gave it without hesitation! We should never hesitate to do what our teacher says.

Lessons from Karna for a Student

• Guru Parashuram took a vow to teach only bharmins. Karna without revealing his identity became a disciple. One day as the guru was sleeping on Karna’s lap a bug bit him. Karna was bearing the pain not to wake up his acharya. But the acharya got up later. When he saw blood flowing from Karna he was furious. He said Brahmins can’t bear such pain. You have lied to me so I curse you. At the time you need your skills the most you shall forget them. We should never lie to our teacher.

• When Karna was learning under Guru Parashuram, he taught soul is in the arrows and the moment you use your arrows to support injustice and other bad things all your arrows shall become soul-less. All your knowledge shall also go away in a way that it is like you never had it. We should never let our learning to support injustice or our Knowledge will flee from us like we never had it.


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  • Ajay Inapala , September 22, 2017 @ 8:28 am

    be devoid of Illusion, lamentation, lust, greed , fear ,anger , attachement , envy .
    use your 5 knowledge acquiring senses to gather knowledge.
    use intelligence,mind to bring colours out of the knowledge. avoid false ego . you will acheive arjuna’s stage of consciousness

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