Mission Sakthi : Bharat – Hindu Rashtra gaining back the lost glory at last

Mission Sakthi : Bharat – Hindu Rashtra gaining back the lost glory at last

Long time back Bharat was ruled by Dharmic Kings and Queens like Brave Shivaji, Krishna Devraya and many more in the past.. Later with invasion from various outside Islamic and British forces and others.. Who literally started ruling Bharat by taking advantage of great hospitality shown to the guest and the infighting between the children of the soil occupied the great Bharat at some point of time in history and destroyed the ethos..

Like any other slave masters, they made sure the slave children of Bharat forgot their own glory and start thinking themselves like a little worm..  Thank God for those Heroes who came in the mean time in various parts of Bharat to educate and guide the people of Bharat, who they are.

After Indian independence too.. Bharat was ruled by the representatives and their family who were British Loyalists.  Nehru family maintained the same fake history and statuesque maintained to keep the morale of the citizens of Indians low.

Thank God for the current leadership of Sri Narendra Modi whose dedication to Desh and Dharma is certainly arising the braveness and sense of pride and patriotism in people of Bharat. After attacking the enemy in their own land in just 23 mins now Bharat Shot down the India has in space, propelling itself into an elite club of nations, which has mastered this anti-satellite (ASAT) missile technology… making Bharat as one of the super powers in the space.

PM Modi point out the intent of DRDO’s is to defend India’s space assets and not to start any arms race in space. Since there are no treaties governing the use of ASAT, India is not in violation of any international conventions.

The fact that this anti-satellite technology is indigenously developed adds to India’s credentials, given that for many decades India was kept away from acquiring key technologies, forcing the country to develop its own space and nuclear capabilities.

The anti-satellite space technology shows India’s focus on security challenges, emanating beyond Pakistan. “The ASAT weapon is likely to be the most potent military tool for the armed forces over the next few decades

The acquisition of this technology is expected to have spin-offs that India can exploit for commercial use, both domestic and globally as they do with the cheapest satellite launch facility and technology.

Just after the surgical strikes against Pakistan in 2016 and the Balakot air strike recently and Mission Shakti abyan now are real steps by Indian PM Modi  and this has for sure shaken the enemies and also Bharat now ones again can see this incredible person as a founder of Hindu Rashtra.

This is moment for us to thank one more time the brave soldiers, great scientists and many more selfless workers and thinkers of the nation and also the political leadership under Indian PMO Sri Narendhra Modi. One way we all can say thanks to Indian PM Sri Modi is by going out and voting and bring to power so we all can see the Hindu Rashtra blossoming in front of our eyes.. We all can see the golden era that Bharat saw under Maharaj Shivaji, Chakravarthi Krishna Devaraya and more..

Bharat Mata Ki Jai !!  Maa Bhavani Ki Jai !!


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