Puja & Prayer in Varanasi – Ram & Krishna Janmaboomi

Puja & Prayer in Varanasi – Ram & Krishna Janmaboomi
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We are so excited to inform you that, we will be going to Varanasi to do puja and prayer for Kashi Vishwanath ji and Annapurna mata along with Ganga Mata Arti and then to Ayodhya and Vrindavan/Mathura !!

Then we will be doing lots of puja and prayer in Ayodhya and also will bring you lots of insider’s information on the upcoming Ram Mandir in Janmaboomi and all the temples around along with their significance and also interviews from great gurus, Saints and activists.

We will bring you many unheard stories, struggles and insiders Ram Mandir Construction information along with various pujas and sevas from Ayodya for you to enjoy right from your home.
Then we will also be reporting to you from Krishna Janmaboomi. We will be doing pooja, prayers and many interviews on when the temple construction coming up in Krishna Janmaboomi and more.

WhatsApp us now if you want to do any puja, prayer for you/family and also do Gho Seva, Dog feeding, Monkey feeding,Brahman Dhan and to donate on behalf of your ancestors (and also Donating for the cause) in Kashi/Ayodhya/Vrindavan. You can also contact us do Ganga Arti on your behalf or srardh for any of your ancestors (Pitru Dosh Mukti) and also to get our message updates regularly. You can also connect with us in telegram by clicking https://t.me/bharatmarg1


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