Padikasu Nathar temple – Azaha Puthur (Near Kumbakonam – Tamil Nadu)

Padikasu Nathar temple – Azaha Puthur (Near Kumbakonam – Tamil Nadu)
This amazing temple, with its unique specialties is a sight for many
tourists. If you go, you may hear people also call this temple
swarnapureeswara. There are three different sannadhis here.

1. Lord Padikasu Nathar
2. Lord Murugan
3. Goddess Parvati

Lord Padikasu Nathar

Here Shiv Ji is called as Padikasunathar. As the story goes… there was once a pujari who came daily and did puja to the lord. He bathed, collected fresh flowers for the lord, light the lamps in the temple and did archana. He sometimes came to the temple with pots. He did all that he could with his limited means as he was very poor. Once, he went by his daily routine. Then the most dreadful thing happened.

He was coming to the temple with a pot. The pujari tripped. Suddenly, in the fall, the pujari let go of the pot. The pot went flying and crashed on the lord’s head. The impact of the pot was so much that the lord’s head cracked. The pujari recovered from the fall and when he saw the lord’s head with a crack, he understood the whole story.

The pujari was heartbroken and began sobbing. He said, oh lord! What sin have I committed to be the one who made your head crack? The lord instantly appeared and said, none of this is your fault. This was my divine play. Something that will erase your poverty.

The next day when the pujari came to the temple he saw a coin on the steps, followed by a divine voice. The voice said, this is yours. From that

day onwards, the pujari received a coin on the steps every day, the lord’s words came true. Slowly but gradually, the pujari’s poverty left and he lived a happy life. The name padikasunather comes because padi means step. Kasu means money and nather means person who gives.

That is, person who gives money on the steps. The lord is said to lift his devotees one more step in their life when they look at him. It is said that only certain people can have the glimpse of the lord. Only certain people who have committed a specific amount of punya karma. (good deeds.) If you did not do that but you still come to the temple or even Azhagaputhur some or the other obstacles will stop you. But the lord, in his vast amount of mercy, will allow you to see him.

Lord Murugan

A beautiful idol of lord Murugan in a standing form. Thus idol stands here.  But, this is also a tourist attraction. Why? This is really beautiful. Well, maybe that could count that as one reason but the real reason is that this is the only temple where lord Murugan has 4 arms. And in each of his arms he holds something. Exactly like that of Lord Vishnu. One of the Trimurti’s. Also known as the protector of the world.

In one hand lord Murugan holds a lotus, in another, a mace, in the third one a conch, and in the last and final one, his fourth hand, a chakra. And as you might have guessed, if you know, the conch is the panchajanya conch. A beautiful conch gifted to lord Krishna (an avatar of lord Vishnu) by a demon named sambasura. Krishna had defeated that demon to return his teacher’s son to his teacher.

Goddess Parvati

A beautiful idol of Goddess Parvati stands here. The great thing here is the goddesses mesmerizing beauty. Also known as the mother of the mother of the world, Jagadamba. Jagad meaning whole world in Sanskrit. Amba, in Sanskrit means mother. So jagadamba.

In a beautiful standing form the goddess is just outstanding. Her open eyes as beautiful as a newly opened lotus bud. Her soft and tender hands ready to give blessings of fame and prosperity to any devotee who comes there.

Every devotee we will love to invite you to Padikasu Nnathar temple and get blessed.



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