Importance of meditating on Panch Booths and Navagrahas in Sanatan Dharma

Importance of meditating on Panch Booths and Navagrahas in Sanatan Dharma

There is a great amount of water problem in Bharat and many other parts of the world I’m sure!! Having seen the water problem first hand this time … how the people struggle to drink a glass of water. Even to do some basic things to take shower and clean themselves… It’s heart breaking.

Even though my heart is paining for all the people around there, at least we as a human being can locate where the water supply is, buy it and transport it to have our basic needs taken care… Just think about the animals, birds around there that is not getting water. Where do they go?  They are not getting enough food as people cut down because they have to buy / transport water in their same old budget. Also to conserve water many cut down on the quantity of the food being made so that the cleanup can be less!!

Everyday people are looking at the sky in this hottest weather. Thinking when the rain will ever come is a pitiable scenario…  Also there are places where the people struggle by flood along with the powerful wind. The water uprooted the homes, fields and all the plants, trees and grains. People and other living beings are stranded either way.  One part all living beings struggling without water and another part with too many flood.

Our ancestors and Gurus of Sanatana Dharma taught us to pray Pancha Booths (5 elements by which our body and the world is made up of) and Nava Grahas (9 planets).  Our Gurus were genius and our Granthas and epics (Holy books) were great moral campus and guide for us know what we have to do.

Our body and the world are made up of Panch Booths (5 elements).

  1. Land
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air
  5. Sky

In different proposition these 5 elements combine to make different objects and living beings. When we worship these five elements, normally the destruction by these elements will be minimized. It’s quite obvious that none destroys those who worship and praise us.  With the blessings we get from Panch Booths (Five elements) our life and all other living beings life can become heaven.

Pancha Boothas are what our body made up off… when we do think of each of these elements in Godly form and drop water on the feet. Many good things start happening for us right from good health, family and relations.  Most importantly in this auspicious moment we can also pray that these Pancha boothas do all the good thing to all the living beings in this world and elsewhere. (Praying all the living beings is what Sanatana Dharma promoted as Vasudeva Kudumbakam).

Similarly with Nava grahas (9 planets) Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.  You will see the Nava Grahas kept in most of the Sanatana Dharmic temples. It’s the proven fact that the radiations comes from these planets bring us happiness, peace, health, stress, hardship kind of things we go through in the life. When we think each one these plants for a min or two in a day and thank them for all the good radiance and seek blessings…for ourselves and all other living beings around the world. This is what our Sanskar is. Sanatana Dharma and all our Gurus treat all living beings equally special.  In Fact, In Sanatana Dharma animals, birds and other living beings are considered more near and dear to the God the Creator. So let’s pray for all living beings on daily basis for good health, peace and good radiance for all living beings and you will see a great amount of blessings flow in your heart and in your family to begin with impacting others in a positive way in near future…

As Bhagavat Geetha says, when we go overboard in robbing the mother earth, we do give raise to natural calamities, and those problems that come because of the pancha booths (5 elements). This include stealing and allowing to steal the river bed sand, not properly maintaining  the water bodies with respect and love, not having compassion towards other living beings and more.

Let’s commit ourselves to take couple of mins every day and pray the Pancha booths and Nava Grahas for us and all the living beings around the world and have each one of them be blessed with basic necessities and more. My heart goes out for those who are suffering at this time. I and Bharat Marg Team pray that this time of misery shall pass. Jai Sia Ram !!


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