Leadership Lessons from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s 8 day Disastrous Trip to India

Leadership Lessons from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s 8 day Disastrous Trip to India

How come well orchestrated and planed Canadian PM Mr. Justin Trudeau’s trip became such a disastrous one and what we all can learn from the approach of the leaders of these two nations of Canada and India.

Lessons from Canadian PM Mr. Trudeau on what not to do as a guest

  • 8 days trip to a country for a PM is certainly a over stay. We even think twice as a common citizen to go and stay in one’s home that long. This is badly planed or he wanted to have a family time and off from work or he wanted to do campaign in India to get votes from Sikhs and Indo-Canadians in Bharat to get votes in Canada. Any which way its naïve or ill planed as he should have announced what it is for instead of Coming and staying for such a long time for fun in Tax Payers money and expecting all the leaders of the largest democracy in the world standing at his service for such a long time leaving all their work.
  • When you go to a guest country or guest home go in more agreeable way and not like what Mr. Trudeau did by taking his friends who have taken emotional oath to divide and destroy Bharat for their own political and selfish interest. This will certainly make you unwelcomed.
  • When you go to a host home or a guest country like Bharat, Don’t take the people who can bring the bad memories to them. Not certainly like Mr. Trudeau who had a photo session and dinner invite extended to a convicted terrorist who should have even been bared inside the host country.
  • Don’t go empty hand to a host home or as a leader to a country Bharat in this case. Mr. Trudeau had no special packages for Indo-Canadians or for the country. He should have given some gift like easy immigration of Indians or easy starting business or easy travel or whatever that could be the Canadian Candy.
  • Indian PM is fighting against terrorism day after day and Canadian PM is awarding and rewarding the terrorists and Jihadi and other terror and separatist groups. This is a no go in a good relation as you cannot appease or trick both. Your host will always see you with suspicion as you are dating the enemies of the world in general.
  • In the last day of Mr. Trudeau meeting in Bharat, a distorted map of India was placed in the arena during his meeting. It’s like you walk into the host’s home and starts educating them on what they and their neighbor really own. You start analyzing their legal docs. This is one best way not only to be invited to their home again but also a sure way to get kicked out too.

Lessons from Mr.Modi the leader of World’s largest democracy

  • Modi clearly expressed his displeasure in visiting Canadian PM Mr. Trudeau, by not even sending a welcome message and no elected official present in the welcome reception etc. Message is Loud and clear.. You are either friend with us or with our enemies. Never can have both ways.
  • Modi also Showcased to the home audience of Mr. Trudeau that 8 days stay is very long and may be Canadian PM is having an unannounced family or pleasure trip. Indian Govt. also gave a clear message that foreign delegates cannot expect all the leaders of the largest democracy of the world to come and do strewed ship for such a long time.
  • No Chief Ministers of Bharat also eagerly met the Canadian PM except Captain Amarinder Singh CM of Punjab at the end, as passing a well co-ordinate message to a person as a team or family is very essential for them to understand beyond confusion.
  • A strong leadership will always send the nosey guest to a echo chamber with mirrors silently. So that they can know how stupid you talk and behave by themselves. This is exactly what Mr. Modi did by changing some special things he does for his guest to make things extra special for them and put the focus of the entire world media on the Canadian PM Mr. Justin Trudeau and showcased his weakness.
  • Indian PM Mr. Modi reserved his world famous bear hug and ear to ear smile for the final streach of the Guest’s tour as it is important to give carrot along with the stick when one misbehaves. Either Carrot or Stick is never the best solution.  Great leaders know Stick and Carrot both are needed in a treatment in right proposition.
  • Having the Canadian PM on Side, Indian PM warns the extremist and terror elements with a call to work together against them. Strong message to friends & foe on where you stand.
  • You may show that you are upset to your guest to make your point in the start of the trip. But always send them home back with pleasant memories as that last longer and stay with them forever.

This is a great opportunity for us to learn the contrast when you see a strong and weak leader together.  Weak leader always bring embarrassment to his/her community or in this case to his country (Canada). When a weak leader is put in the same arena of the strong leader they want to do whatever it takes to fly away from that place.. But mistake was already committed by being there and now too late to do anything.


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  • Srinivasan , February 26, 2018 @ 3:34 am

    I have seen in some tweets from Canada ” sorry India ”
    We are not with Trude and so OK it is all over.

    • netultim2 , February 26, 2018 @ 9:38 am

      Rightly said Srinivasan Ji. In fact even high portion of Indo-Canadians are not supporting him also. You have put it very aptly.

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