Kurukshetra Land Jihad – Geeta Janmastali !!

Kurukshetra Land Jihad – Geeta Janmastali !!

Wednesday at 9PM IST / 11.30 AM EST Watch the biggest Land Jihad happening in Kurukshetra Geeta Janmashtami that is exposed in Bharat Marg by Hindu warriors who are fighting against the land mafia and Kurukshetra Development Board that allows chipping away of our theerth sthal !!

You can watch the show live at “Bharat Marg” Chanel at YouTube (Make sure to Subscribe the channel Bharat Marg and press the notification bell to get notified as we expose )

We Have invited and also sent invitation link to Kurukshetra Development Board senior guys who are in Canada in junket trip to celebrate Geeta Mahotsav to participate in this discussion where we will be exposing Land Jihad that is eating away our Geeta Janmashtami and its enemies with proof !!

Hindu Warriors who are fighting against these mafia and lawyers and other activists who are working save Kurukshetra Tirth Sthal also will be there in the show to answer all your questions… We at Bharat Marg request all religious leaders and organizers of Geeta Mahotsav to watch this video to know what is really happening to Geeta Janmashtami !!

If not saved now from these demons, our next or following generations have to fight for this, sacrificing their life for centuries to take it back.. Friends… Its now or never !! Do subscribe Bharat Marg and join us in discussion to know the truth.. For any questions/clarifications you can whatsapp us to +1 647 9644790 Hare Krishna !!


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