Jihadi gang & Christian Missionaries Celebrate Beef Pongal & Insult all !!

Jihadi gang & Christian Missionaries Celebrate Beef Pongal & Insult all !!
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Jihadi gang & Christian Missionaries of Canadian Tamil Congress & Mr Tamil Canada, Celebrate Beef Pongal & Insult all !!

We Pray Sun God & Cow during the Holy Pongal !! After harvest we say thanks to Sun God for being kind to us and Tamils make Pongal and in various other parts of the world as Sankranthi.  During this time Pongal (Sweet Pongal) is made in outside and offered to Sun God. Also Cows and Bulls are worshiped as part of the family for all their hard work for the harvest and offered prayers and thanks to them. But the Jihadi gangs and Christian stooges are hell bend on destroying our tradition and culture.

First of all there is no business for those who don’t worship the nature like Sun, Cow and Bull. They have nothing to do with Pongal. In this attempt to attack our tradition this gang distributes beef pongal. Lets understand, the day we need to celebrate cow and Bull this gang kills cow that is utmost holy to us and distributes as Beef Pongal.

What could be the real reason behind it?  Is it a way to attack our tradition and culture and destroy harmony?  Do you really think our children need to learn our destroyed tredition from this kind of people?  Are you ok with roots of our culture and what we think holy getting attacked by the vested interest?

React.. Comment and share on how the attempts are made to attack and destroy who we are.. !! If we don’t stand for what’s right today.. tomorrow we will have nothing to call as ours…. Lets save our Culture.. Tradition and Dharma from these attackers !!


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