Delhi has a choice on Feb 8th – Say No to Sharia Law

Delhi has a choice on Feb 8th !!

Either to live in Pakistan Or to Live in Hindustan !!

You want a Rohingya as Neighbours or Bharatiya Sanskar to perform our Poojas freely !!

Say No to Sharia Law !! Say no to Shaheen Bagh !!

Lets have a Dehi where we can do our Pooja .. go to Temple and worship with no fear.. Lets Have a Delhi where our children can go out with no fear of crime .. conversion !!

No more nara and attack on our temples with battle cry of La ilaha illallah

Delhi deserves better than Kejriwal who is in bed openly with tukde tukde gang and Break India forces.. Sanatan Dharmies should come out unitedly and vote against the evil forces of KhanGress and AAP and lets get our own CM with the full support of Modi Ji !! Time is now or never !! Jai Sia Ram !!


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