Solar Eclipse – Sanatan Dharma way

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Solar Eclipse – Sanatan Dharma way

June 21

 We need to do take bath as soon as  the  eclipse  starts  and do Tharpanam after  end of  the eclipse..

The Sankalpa manthra  is


Manmatha nama samvathsare ,Utharayane , Shishira  rithou, khumba    mase , Krishna  pakshe, adhya Amavasyam    punya thidhou , Soumya  vasara yukthayam, Poorva proshtapada    nakshatra yukthayam, shubhayoga, shubhaKarana evam guna viseshena, visishtayam asyam Amavasyam   punya thidhou,  Sooryoparaga  punyakale, darsa sradham , thilatharpana roopena adhya karishye 


You can   either check on line or   consult local authorities   for time of visibility  of the eclipse in  their place and Adjust the Nakshatram  and thidhi accordingly.

All the temples will be closed few hrs before the eclipse day and will reopen  after Special rituals such as suddhi and punyavachanam will be observed inside the temple soon after the conclusion of the eclipse.

There are some of the   customs observed by our Hindus who follow Sanathana Dharma during the eclipse


A women in periods should take the eclipse bath from water which is poured on her by others..
Till the end of eclipse we should not sleep but keep on chanting mantras.
Pregnant women should not come out during eclipse.

If any left over food is there prepared before eclipse, it should not be eaten. Food should be freshly prepared after eclipse is over. Because scientifically also it will harmful if the rays fall on the food that we eat.

In case of curd or pickles, milk, we have to put cut Durbha grass in them ,After the purifying  bath, this Durbha should be removed.

                      The charity given and meditation done, during the eclipse would give us huge benefits.

Those in whose Nakshatra  or Anu Janma Nakshatra , the eclipse occurs should write the following sloka in a palm leaf and tie it to their forehead. After the eclipse this palm leaf should be removed. Then they should give in charity one Ash gourd, coconut and coin to a Brahmin.

Solar eclipse sloka:-


Indro , analo  danda darasha  ruksha prachedhaso Vayu,

Khubera  , eesaa  , majjanma  , rukshe  mama raahisamsthe,

Arkoparagam   shamayanthu may.

Water if consumed is advised to be purified with Tulsi or Basil leaves.  People also believe in charitable acts during eclipse like donating money, gold etc.

Mantras  that can be Chanted:

According to Hindu mythology, chanting mantras has a religious significance during eclipse as it is supposed to banish the bad effects of Grahan. Following mantras are popularly chanted:

   Gayatri mantra:

“Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam    Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat”
        Ashtakshara Mantra:” Shri Krishna ha sharnam mama’

        “Om Namoh Narayan Na Yah.”

        Mahamrityunjay Mantra :

”Om Tryamlakam Yajamahe       Sugandhim Pusti – vardhanam |       Urva – rukamiva Bandhanan        

Mrtyor – muksheeya Ma – amritat”

        “Surya Kavach Strotra”
        “Aditya Hridaya Strotram”


How to view the eclipse

During the solar eclipse, people can watch using a pinhole  cameras to check the progress of the moon across the sun’s surface pinhole cameras. This is an indirect  way to observe the sun, because the viewer sees only a projection of the sun and the moon.


To view the sun directly get the lenses of solar-viewing glasses that are made from special-purpose solar filters that are hundreds of thousands of times darker than regular sunglasses.


PN:- Do check the exact time of Solar Eclipse in your part of the world where you live as it varies from place to place and in some places there may not be solar eclipse also. FYI


June 21

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