Do I follow and Practice My Dharma? If not, Why to complain?

Do I follow and Practice My Dharma? If not, Why to complain?

Dravidian and other Political parties and many actors who have been supported by Hindu community for many decades are having free run. Whenever they wanted to get minority polarization or divide Hindus in South India.. they follow a pattern of abusing / attacking Hindu Sanskar and temples and rituals.  They will never even think of doing these things to other communities for two reasons.

  • Muslim/Christian Lobby in Bharat is strong; they can cause major damage or even topple the government of State or Center in Bharat.
  • Islam and Christian missionaries are religion of politics and they make the community work united and in tandem. These people believe, neither in country nor the development or income is important but working as a political cartel is only important.

Whereas the divided Hindu community cheers the Dravidian, communist and other politicians and also some actor turned politician like Kamal Hassan who made living for decades abusing and threatening them. Because these goons are very sure.. they lose nothing by that.

When bashing Hindus or temple or deities don’t yield much result they use the Brahmans as punching bag.  Keep in mind.. Many in this community have forgotten their Dharma and Dharmic responsibilities in the name of Secularism and liberalism.  Many in Brahmin community today are even shy to call them self from that sect and do any Dharmic responsibilities as they don’t see that as “In Thing”.

This is what lead to things like cutting Janaeu (Poonul/ Sacred Thread) etc. Because these guys like any other sects in Hindu community in Southern Bharat, can neither unite nor protest as current generation don’t place too much value on Dharma or Dharmic responsibilities.

Keep in mind, Hindus who get abused in many Kamal Hassan’s movies,  go and pay their hard earned money and laugh at all things this actor says about Hindus and come back happily. You go and figure that one out. This can be never done with any other community as his private would get cut off.

There are few reasons for why Hindus get beaten up and if they don’t change they will destroyed totally.

  • Right from pre to post independence.. till today we have been made to feel shy of our own tradition. If we don’t get rid of that and start practicing our Dharma.. we will always stay as weak link.
  • We can sought and protest as much as we want as saviors of Dharma, but till we don’t practice our Dharma and do our daily traditional and Dharmic responsibilities, then our words don’t have any power. Whatever you write or sought falls like a plastic bullet with no effect.
  • So if you want to be a savior of Dharma then first become practitioner of Dharma.
  • You may not be a Brahmin who got attacked today but still stand for your brother or sister from Santana Dharma .. if not one by one, one day you will also be skinned and eaten away.
  • Teach your family / friends / kids to practice our Dharma with no fear or shy.
  • Make sure your kids go to Dharmic schools for studies than Christian missionary school where the conversion machine starts sucking the young minds and do brain wash right from day one.
  • Sooner rather than later, come to the conclusion that clerical studies what our kids learn in school following Macaulay system of education is no way more important than Dharmic studies.  So do give the children some time and space for them to learn about our Dharma also.
  • Do know, as an adult.. you can also do Dharmic studies by yourself or with your spouse and children.. to learn Dharma and practice Dharma.
  • Never calculate money that will be earned on the time put in study and practice of Dharma as it is priceless when you understand.
  • Take your family temples and historic and Dharmic places by saving the money that was getting invested in movie and other activities as you must know.. You can do anything you want but not everything you want.
  • Children are very smart. They cannot hear what you say as they learn from what you do.
  • As Lord Vishnu said in Parasuram Avathar, when you don’t protect your Dharma in the name of patience and tolerance etc.. you will be the coward who let your Dharma disappear.

When we do all the right things to protect and practice Dharma then things like Janaeu (Poonul / Sacred thread) cutting won’t happen as it happens in Tamil Nadu by Dravidian & Communist goons inspired by Christian missionaries and Jihadi groups.  Actors and politicians will be scared to attack or make fun of our Dharma as it will affect their bottom line.

So will recommend to take the attack that is happening now as a good lesson and do a course correction. Learn your Dharma and practice Dharmic responsibilities without fail. Do know, abusing your own Dharma, tradition and ancestors in the name of Liberalism and Secularism only makes you to look week and stupid and not cool. Do you agree? Let us know for sure.


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  • Randy , March 11, 2018 @ 2:59 pm

    Other community people always going to do this because we Hindu r not together they divide n rule

    • netultim2 , March 12, 2018 @ 4:27 am

      If we are not united and follow the Dharma and stay together, then how can we blame others for this Randy Ji?

  • Venkatraman balakrishnan iyer , March 11, 2018 @ 11:35 pm

    Start pronouncing your name with your father name first, your name second and the surname last. Whenever anyone asks yiyr bame pronounce all the three together. I had experience with kanchi mahaperiyaval to pronounce it with same practice. You need to create your own identity. Abusive languages would come from.opp side. Just ignore. Maintain and see the difference. Good luck

    • netultim2 , March 12, 2018 @ 4:26 am

      Venkatraman balakrishnan iyer Ji Well said. We shall follow our Dharma.

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