Daily Annadanam in Tiruvannamalai – Feeding saints, devotees and needy !!

Daily Annadanam in Tiruvannamalai – Feeding saints, devotees and needy !!
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Thiruvannamalai is the holy town in Tamil Nadu, Bharat where the mountain itself is in the form of Shiv Ling and Nandi !! Devotees go around this mountain chanting Mahadev’s name during ” GiriValam ” . Every full moon, millions of pilgrims worship Annamalaiyar (Shiv Ji) by circumambulating the Annamalai hill barefoot.

In this Path of Girivalam (Parikrama) every night Prasad (Free Food Distribution)is distributed to hundred saints, devotees and needy on the path as you can see in the video with commentary to understand better. Also Prasad is being distributed at see the Govt Hospital serving the poor to make sure, no one goes to sleep hungry.

Watch this video and the incredible work being done in serving prasad for all, and at this time of lockdown both time food for approximately two thousand people being distributed everyday. Masks and needed clothes are also being distributed. If you want to take part in this seva and support or need more information and also to get one Dharmic message a day, send a WhatsApp to +1 647 9644790 with your name and where you are contacting to get connected. Watch the video and share with all and showcase the incredible work being done. Sambo Mahadev !! Jai Sia Ram !!

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