Celebrating Deepavali and Hindu Heritage month in Schools of Ontario Canada

Celebrating Deepavali and Hindu Heritage month in Schools of Ontario Canada

Interesting Experience happened some time before. When speaking in the weekend with some friends got to know the initiative that they are doing with the schools where their children are studying.  Was impressed and inspired to do the same in the school where our child goes to study in Brampton also.

So we met the principal of the school and had a meeting and explained our plan for the Deepawali and for November month, which has been declared as Hindu Heritage month by Govt. of Ontario.  The plan is to collect Food donation from the school from the student’s family as they do many time for various cause..  We started the food donation collection (Packaged foods and groceries) celebrating Deepavali and Hindu Heritage month.

We assured them we will take the responsibility of collecting the collected food material and delivering it to the food bank and hence they don’t need to be involved  in this  work. We also explained that the collected food will be delivered to  Amma Kitchen (run by Mata Amritanandamayi Organization) where the food material will be distributed to the poor and needy.

Now school agreed for this with no difficulty and they will announce about Deepavali (Festival of Lights) and the opportunity to donate food in this great occasion every day and about Hindu Heritage month also till Nov mid.  School will also send out note to kids letting their parents know about the opportunity to donate during this auspicious day.

During our meeting with principle and the staff who will be responsible for this program, we also recommended that during the students assembly session that happen monthly once, they can have a student talk about Hindu Heritage and Diwali the Festival of Lights.

We assured them, if they need a student to talk about this topic, our child can volunteer  by announcing in the morning announcements .  This will help developing good self-image for the kid too along with learning the tradition. Also they allowed Vaishnavi to do 10 days of daily announcing about Deepavali and Hindu heritage month and power of giving and sharing with others.

From the discussion of our friends, we got inspired and moved on it representing Hinduism in our kid’s school year after year and you can do the same in the school you or your children go to.  If you are in any other part of the world also, you can follow the same technique and inspire your office, school or any organization in your community for giving and spread the message of Santana Dharma which is all about Love, Peace and Giving..Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam .. Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu

If you want to do similar approach and you have any questions, please do respond to us in comment area and we shall help you in any way possible. Jai Sri Ram.


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