Afghanistan Consulate Meeting to Express support for its people & seeking protection for Hindu-Sikh community

Afghanistan Consulate Meeting to Express support for its people & seeking protection for Hindu-Sikh community

Meeting in Afghan Consulate took place between the representives of Consulate general of Afganistan and community activsits of Hindu-Sikh community. Representatives present in this meeting from Hindu-Sikh community Sri Ravi Hooda, Sri Tony Sharma and Sri Sanjay Varma from Canadian Hindu volunteer and Sounder Dilipan from and  Sikh community activist Sri Sandip Sangha were there meeting Consul Ms. Jamila Aman, Mr Khaled Akbar, Mr Javid Karimi and Mr Rahmtullah Ramazan

Check out the video for the elobarate discussion that took place and also after that a pettion seeking more protection for Hindu-Sikh community was also handed over and you can can see the content below.

To                                                                            July 12, 2018

         The Consulate General of Afghanistan
         Toronto, Canada


        Hindu-Sikh Community
Greater Toronto Area

Re: Expressing support for Afghanistan and its people & seeking more protection for its minorities

At this day, we want to express our support for Afghanistan and its people as we stand together with them to condemn forces that attack on the people of Afghanistan and its minorities to create fear and destabilize the country.      
Any attack on the soil of Afghanistan and on its communities by terrorists is an attack on its sovereignty and the institution of democracy everywhere.

We also request enhanced security for Hindu, Sikh and other minority communities in Afghanistan as they are being targeted for these vicious attacks. Within the span of last 20 years the population of minority communities has reduced considerably which is a matter of concern. In a recent ghastly terrorist attack, whole Hindu-Sikh leadership who were on their way to meet up with the President were decimated by a suicide bomber which shook the Hindu-Sikh community globally.
We request that the victims and their families are given adequate compensation from the state to get their lives back on track and adequate security is provided to live in a safe secure environment and practice their religion free from fear of persecution.

We want to express to the people of Afghanistan through the esteemed Consulate General that we stand with and pray for you offering our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in recent terrorist attack. We stand together for “No to Terror and Yes for Peace”.

With Prayers,

Hindu-Sikh Community
Toronto, Canada.

This letter was also handed over to the conunslate general of Afghanistan after the meeting and then to the Government of Afghanistan. This may be a good starting point for the Hindu-Sikh community to work in closer relation with Afghanistan consulate and the Government to help co-ordinate efforts to help Hindu-Sikh community much effectively in the future.


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