Upcoming Interview with Advocate L.Victoria Gowri on Christian Conversion

Ms.Victoria Gowri is an Advocate/Central Govt. Senior Standing Counsel, Madurai Bench of Madras High Court and also she is also holding the position of National General Secretary Member-BJP Mahila Morcha & Mahila Morcha – State In –Charge of  Bharathiya Janata Party Mahila Morcha for the States of Kerala and Lakshadweep.

This interview will be focused on Conversion tricks played by Christian missionaries in getting people converted by having various front end operations such as schools, Hospitals and other so called other Secular outfits and NGOs.  This interview will also focus on various divisions and abusive environment created by the upper class Christians to the SC/ST Christians and how we can bring them back to their mother religion (Ghar Wapsi)

Ms.Victoria Gowri Says, ” Hailed from Kanyakumari District, where conversion has attained multiple dimensions she will elaborate the impact of conversion in our culture, life style & thought process .How names of villages are christened by not only converting common man but also converting every inch of our motherland into a part of Jerusalem”.

Coming from a family where many of her family members including her own Grand Mother is a christian and also living in the mist of daily conversions..Ms.Victoria Gowri could be the best person to answer question on conversions and tricks played by Christian missionaries and NGOs to convert the innocent Hindus especially from lower rug of the social spectrum with or with out their knowledge and also what it takes to bring them back to their mother religion.

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