Kariamanika Perumal with Kamalavalli Thaayar

About Temple and the Deities:

Lord Mahavishnu in the form of an Archanamurthi as Sri Kariamanika Perumal along with his consort goddess Lakshmi as Kamalavalli Nayika has a Divine Abode in Pondavakkam village, Uthukottai taluk, Tiruvallur district, Tamilnadu to grant his divyadarshan to his countless devotees. This holy temple is an ancient temple reputed to have been built around 500 years ago by King Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagar Dynasty.

Perumal’s Thiru Naamam is Shri Kariyamanikka Perumal. He is ensconced in Nindra thirukkolam. The splendor of the Perumal is indescribable. Thaayar’s Thiru Naamam is Kamalavalli. Apart from Perumal & Thaayar sannadhis, the great Alwars, Garudan and Hanuman also have separate sannadhis.

Location of the Temple:

The Temple is situated in “Ponthavakkam” village, which is on the Tiruvallur-Uthukottai Road in Tiruvallur district. It is 22 Kms away from Tiruvallur (aprox. 60 Kms. from Chennai) and to visit the sthalam, bhakthas have to travel from Tiruvallur or Uthukottai.

Name of the Village:

The village Ponthavakkam was developed by Shri Krishna Devaraya for chanting Vedas at Vedanarayana Swamy temple of Nagalapuram. The village was originally called as “Puguntha vakkam” (In tamil “PUGUNTHA” means entered) in commemoration of the entry of Veda Parayana Ghosti into this village for the purpose mentioned above. And as years passed, the name of the village has turned into “Ponthavakkam”

Specialty about the temple (Soorya Pooja):

During Panguni month on 5th,6th and 7th (i.e March 19th – 21st) Soorya Bhagavan worships the Perumal with his rays in the morning between 6:15 am and 6:25 am. During these days, sun rays directly falls on Kariamanikka Perumal (Moolavar) feet. The temple structure is designed in such a way that the sun rays directly enters into temple Karba Graha and falls on Perumal feet only during 3 days of the entire year.

Important Festivals:

A grand Maha Samprokshanam was performed for this temple on 29.5.2006 after a lapse of twenty years as a result of the initiative taken by the Lord’s devotees. Following this path-breaking achievement, customary monthly festivals, Laksharchanas and annual celebrations of Hanumat Jayanti are being conducted regularly. From 2007 onwards, the ten-day Brahmotsavam in the Tamil month of Vaikhasi and the three-day expiatory festival Pavitrotsavam, Laksharchanas and Hanumat Jayanthi are being celebrated with customary fervency and dedication.

Current Affairs:

The Temple trustees have decided to cover the Dwaja Sthambham (Kodimaram) with copper cover at an estimate of Rs.3 lakhs and during the measurement process it came to light that the Kodimaram which got erected long back has got damaged very badly and needs to be replaced. Considering the urgency to replace the Kodimaram, the temple trustees have initiated necessary action for the replacement of Kodimaram with the estimated cost of around Rs. 5 lakhs.

Estimate for Kodimaram replacement & Copper covering at Kariamanikka Perumal Temple

Purchase of new Kodimaram (including Transport charges) Rs.4,30,000/-
Sthabathi Labour Charges Rs. 70,000/-
Copper cover for Kodimaram (including labour charges) Rs. 5,00,000/-
Total Rs.10,00,000/-

The temple is in need to raise funds for Nithya Archana (to perform daily
Pooja) and Utsavams that are carried out through out the year. To facilitate the above mentioned process, donations are solicited from devotees


We request you to give your generours contributions for helping this temple’s Nithya Pooja and uthsavam and Samprokshana in the following

Bank Account details:
Br. IFS Code Branch Name Account Name & Number Address
Bank code: 8223
IFSC: BKID0008223 Bank of India, Pondavakkam Kamalavalli Sametha Sri Kariamanikka Perumal Trust
SB Account:
822310100005858 147 A, Main Road, Pondavakkam Village, Uthukkotai Taluk, Tamil Nadu, Pin 602 026


Pl contact Members of the trust for more questions or clarification regarding this this temple and donations

98407 68978
A.R. Shree Bashyam  
90437 92415
72990 36463

Let the divine unite us

Sri Kamalavalli Nayika sametha Sri Kariyamanikka Para Brahmane Namaha:

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