Goons run free in Lawless Brampton, Canada – Part 2 : Threatening Revenge !!

Here we are sharing the threatening message got for exposing goons and Gang violence in no uncertain terms. Message goes to clearly warn never to mess with Punjabi Gang or Kalistanis and will take care of us either in Canada or in India where ever needed if we mess-up ever again.. This has been informed and recorded with Peel Regional Police also.

Thanks for you for commenting and sharing and exposing the goons in our exclusive leaked video “Goons run free in Lawless Brampton, Canada – See it to believe it !!” As the video is going viral goons and vested interest are getting more upset and angry!!

Bharat Marg always highlighted on good work done by Sikh community and will also certainly expose the goons who are having free run now in Brampton, Canada and few other places freely because of the appeasement politics.. We will request the community elders and worship places and community leaders to come forward and guide the misguided in right direction towards Gurus teachings instead the path of violence, drugs etc. and we will also join this great endeavor.

Will like to know from Brampton Mayo Mr Patrick Brown and other legislators and law makers… Are they keen to make the city a safe place for the citizens or only focused on appeasement politics !!

Check out this audio of “Threatening for revenge” in Goons run free in Lawless Brampton, Canada – Part 2 !! Comment and share… Is Canada is changing for worst because of appeasement politics… You decide for yourself and comment !!

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