Goons of #Terror(PAK)Istan Attack Indian embassy in UK & Beg for live saving drugs at the same time

“Islamic Republic of Londonistan” Mayor allows the #TerrorIstani Mob to gather in large number and attack Indian embassy freely and then condemns it !!

On the other hand Pakistan who is absolutely not self-reliant and not capable of doing anything but destruction.. not able to withstand its own ban. Hospitals, drug industries and patients currently in a dire condition begs India for Live saving drugs. After acceptance by the generous Indian Govt. Pakistan had ordered medicines worth Rs 1.36 billion from Indian pharmaceutical companies.

These brainless mob can’t create anything and has to depend on even basic things on Bharat.. Thanklessness is their only wealth from the birth and nothing else. Knows only to destroy and now west is getting them here for votes carrying less that they don’t even know or want democracy.

Modi Govt follows the standard of Ram Rajya, Help while help !!

Author: Narasimha on