Fatwa against Priya Warrier – In Prayer She is coming not Allah!!

All on a sudden a FIR filed against Priya Warrier has drawn the attention of the Supreme Court, which will hear on Wednesday a plea by Malayalam actress Priya Warrier seeking quashing of a spate of complaints and an FIR registered against her and another for allegedly hurting the sentiments of a minority community. Is it so urgent to take the time of Supreme Court? Is it so crucial than hundreds of cases waiting at the doors of Honorable court for resolution involving integrity of India and black money? The SC does not have time to provide relief to Kashmiri Pandits, it does not have time to punish the culprits, who destroyed the paintings in Kancheepuram Railway station by hurting the real minorities, the Hindus.

Strangely, there is no discussion on misuse of Surpeme Court by minorities. On the other hand, let us see how some of our secularists have reacted or not-reacted:

1, Sagarika Ghose

Sagarika Ghose
What an utterly ludicrous campaign against a charismatic new star. Sheer jealousy! Supreme Court to urgently hear Malayalam actor Priya Prakash Varrier’s petition against FIRs toi.in/EBFhfa/a24gk via @timesofindia

Since the FIR was filed in Hyderabad by secular persons (a group of Muslim students), she has not taken into task the right wing or Modi or BJP or RSS or Hindu groups. She is using the word, “Sheer jealousy”. Why is she not hitting out those students, who are secular? She waits for sun to see on the East, to tweet against Modi, but she has not directed the tweet against Maulana Atif Quadri, who has without any sense of shame has said that instead of Allah only Priya comes before him. She has cleverly avoided words and terminologies, which may invite fatwa and she has to hide. Sagarikas, Sardesais, Burkha dutts are scared of taking on Maulana Atif Qadri, who said, “After the viral video of Priya Prakash Varrier, whenever we or our fellow Muslim brothers closed our eyes to offer namaz, instead of Allah, her face would appear, which is hurting our sentiments, hence we issued a fatwa against her.”

2, Rajdeep Sardesai

See the twist given by Sagarika Ghose husband
Rajdeep Sardesai
Every night almost every news channel looks for a Maulana (preferably with topi) to demonize.. Islamophobia is eating into the core of tv journalism: am sure a pakora seller has more honor and integrity than some of us!
10:36 PM – Feb 14, 2018

He says “Islamophobia” is eating into the core of TV journalism. The case was filed by muslim students. It was not filed by RSS or Modi-bhakts. What is the need for him while tweeting to use the word, “pakora seller”.? It shows that he is scared of taking secular-fanatics for the fear of fatwa. Am I not right?

The politicians who ran to Universities on attacks on dalits, the actors who was crying foul on shooting of a communist writer in Bangalore, shouting against the protestors of movie Padmavat are strangely silent. Kamalahasan is busy with is new party, Prakash Raj must be preparing pakoda with advocate cap and Aamir Khan must be sleeping. Sharuh Khan may be busy receiving awards in some corner of the world. Why no one is coming forward for award wapasi programme in support of Priya Warrier? Are they so scared of their lives? What you say?


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