Why does my child Learn Sanskrit?

Why does my child Learn Sanskrit?

Let us first look at Why Sanskrit for my child? The language Sanskrit is not only one of the oldest languages of the mankind, it also stands above all the other languages for its beauty in sound, precision and in pronunciation and reliability as well as thoroughness in every aspect in its structure. This is the reason why it has never fundamentally changed unlike all other languages. There is no need to change being the most perfect language of Mankind.
There is only one language in the world that does not have short lifespan. Sanskrit is the only exception. It has been proven that it is a never-dying constant. The reason for the constancy in Sanskrit is that it is completely structured thought out. There is not a single word that has been left out in its grammar or etymology, which means every word can be traced back to where it came from originally. The word ‘Sams – krita’ itself means ‘completely – made’.
The exceptional features of Sanskrit language has been recognized over a few centuries all around the world, so you can find universities from many countries having a Sanskrit faculty. Even though India has been its custodian, Sanskrit has universal appeal for centuries. The wisdom carried by the language appeals to the West as we can see from Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine as well as meditation techniques. The precision of Sanskrit stems from the unparalleled details on how the actual sounds of the alphabet are structured and defined. The qualities of learning Sanskrit language will become the qualities of your child- that is the mind and heart of your child will become beautiful, precise and reliable
. All you need to do is fine-tune your attention and like music you are drawn in and be uplifted. This precision of attention serves you in all subjects, areas and activities of life both while in school and for the rest of your life. This will always give your child a competitive advantage over any other children. Ty studying Sanskrit, other languages can be learnt more easily; this being the language all others borrow from fractionally. The Sanskrit grammar is reflected in part in Irish or Greek, Latin or English. they learn to speak well, starting from Sanskrit, the mother language of all languages. Those who speak well run the world. It gives you access to a vast and liberating literature .It can describe all aspects of the human life from the most abstract philosophical to the latest scientific discoveries, hinting at further developments.
Sanskrit language is a sacred gift, an opportunity and the future could be very bright.


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