Villondi Theertham – Sacred Place near Rameshwaram

Villondi Theertham – Sacred Place near Rameshwaram

Villondi Theertham is a place, which is 10 KMs away from sacred Rameshwaram temple. What is this Villondi Theertham? There is a well in the middle of an ocean. The beauty of this well , the water from this well, which is right in the middle of the ocean is less salty. In fact it was without salt. Due to neglect and scant respect for historic places of Hindus, a small portion of the well is broken and the water from ocean is slowly getting into the well.

When Lord Rama was returning from Sri Lanka after defeating Ravana, while nearing Rameshwaram, Seetha felt thirsty. Rama looked around to see no drinking water. He took his bow and hit the arrow in to the ocean. It is believed that the water, which came out of it was without salt and Sita quenched her thirst. It is believed that the water which came out of the ocean is Ganga itself.

Unfortunately, this place is being neglected due to various reasons. A bridge has been constructed between the well and the land. One can see the well and taste the water. But one should go before the sun set. Unfortunately the area is being occupied by Chrisitans and Christian missionaries. Instead of Ram and Seetha stutue, one could see the statue of Mary , welcoming the sacred place of Lord Rama, once he walked through this area.

A small group of Hindus had started building a temple, to revive the history of historic visit of Rama from Sri Lanka and protect the sacred well from miscreants and missionaries. Due to a few devout Hindus, the place is being monitored daily from mischief mongers, missionaries and anti-social elements. But in the land of Hindus, the Hindus have to fight for their life and living and protect their sacred places and temples. Nothing is possible without giving a fight. That is secularism.

When a few devout Hindus started a movement to protect the sacred place, the near by non-Hindus started raising objections. They had threatened the Hindus and even started writing abusive languages on the walls of a new temple, which was initiated by a few elderly Hindus. Some miscreants, if I name them, I would be branded as communal or right wing elements and I would be called by the name coined by great Intellect P.Chidambaram.

The miscreants wrote on the walls of the new temple, “Drinking Place-It is a home for drinking and gambling” etc. Then Hindus would remove it and repaste and repaint. This has been going on for years.

I wish, all Hindus to go and see this sacred place and well. Please visit this place after visiting Rameshwaram temple. Every visitor should contribute by visiting this place and make it as sacred as Kashi, Kanchi, Mathura, Ayodhya and Brindvan. If we remove our sacred places and temples, this land would become a hell and abode for those who stand against Hindus, Hinduism and India


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  • Manoj Kumar , May 9, 2018 @ 9:57 pm

    Great to hear from you about the Holi place. I will spread this message to the people who understand the respect of the Hindu dharma.

    • netultim2 , May 10, 2018 @ 5:00 am

      Manoj Kumar Ji, Thanks. We must.. War is happening against our Dharma.. Either we fight and protect or live through the attorcity one more time. Choice is going to be ours. Jai Sia Ram

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