Urban Naxal gets Nobel prize !! Congrats to Abhijit Banerjee

Urban Naxal gets Nobel prize !! Congrats to Abhijit  Banerjee
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Qualification to get Nobel prize has been very simple.. Obama the liberal president of US that time was given Noble Prize before even start doing anything.. just because he was a Liberal.. No other qualification..

Malala Yousafzai Stooge of Liberal Islamist Gang of west was given noble prize, God knows for what?  No idea what she had ever accomplished in her life at that time.. even now for that matter.

Mother(?) Teresa who killed millions of Hindus Along with Churchill to convert by creating artificial famine was given noble prize for her great humanitarian work. Her organizations are under scanner around the world for Child abuse, sex supply for foreign donors, and kids kidnapping and body part harvesting from both children and the old people using the orphanage as the magnet to attract the people. so for her great humanitarian work she got noble prize.

Abhijit Banerjee the Urban Naxal from India has been given noble prize now for his great work to put down and talk against India working for west in plating their agenda… Where as these urban naxals are many times under scanner of the Indian Gov for their anti national work and their terrorist links.

So Noble Prize today is nothing but a joke.. so won’t take it much big any way..  Irrespective of that.. lets all congratulate the Urban Naxal Anti national Abhijit Banerjee in this great occasion.


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