TIME Calls PM Narendra Modi on cover “Divider in Chief” – Yes He is!!

TIME Calls PM Narendra Modi on cover “Divider in Chief” – Yes He is!!

This incredible hit piece in Time Magazine to gain a billion eye balls were written by a Pakistani Muslim columnist and son of politician and businessman Salmaan Taseer calls PM of India Sri Narendra Modi as “Divider in Chief” and to your surprise Bharat Marg completely agrees. Now without jumping into conclusion too quickly… lets go in detail what the Prime Minister of Bharat and today’s one of the tallest leaders in world and icon of Santana Dharma has divided and why he is totally qualified to be called as “Divider in Chief”. What the PM of Bharat has divided and what he has multiplied to be loved so much by the citizens of the nation and by the people around the world… let’s see !!

Divider in Chief Modi has divided the Terrorist and Bully nations to one corner so that the world can name and shame in the time  when the western world was still funding terrorist business running nation like Pakistan and not knowing how to stop it and what to do.  He also forced biggest bully China who ends up always supporting all rouge nations to jump out that corner by doing the right thing by calling terrorist Masood Azhar from Terror(PAK)Istan as Global terrorist… China was diplomatically divided and forced to do so to save its own back and reputation in the world if had still anything left out.

Divider in Chief Modi has divided the terrorists and Jihadi groups from the border of Bharat by his strong foreign policy of Fire and Talk can never go together and also by his incredible courage and style of talking to the terrorists and their bosses in their own language which they can understand.  This is proven by the fact after Balakot nonmilitary air strike on Pakistan. The infiltration of terrorists into Bharat from Pakistan has come down to zero.

Divider in Chief PM Modi has divided the fake NGOs run by the western vested interest to make sure no development happen in Bharat.  NGOs like Green Peace and Ford Foundation and thousands of others whose main agenda is to stall Bharat from becoming a super power by stopping all growth and keeping the people in poverty in a way easy for the Christian missionaries to convert also has been stopped.

Divider in Chief PM Modi has divided thousands of illegal funding by many corrupt NGO which were used for money laundering and conversion of Hindus to other religions to destroy the cultural fabric has been taken to the trash to save Bharat and its people and culture.

Divider in Chief PM Modi has divided the crocodiles of corrupt India to pack their bags and run outside the country to catch up on their sleep by his surprise surgical strike on corruption by means of Demonetization & GST. Yes he had multiplied the tax base of the nation in the same stroke taking dividing the tax burden that was carried always by the middle class for last 70 years after independence.

Divider in Chief PM Modi has divided the banking system of Bharat where ones only the rich and famous used to go to get properly serviced whereas majority of the poor and under privileged never even had bank accounts and were never part of formal economy at all for no fault of theirs even after 70+ years of Independence. Modi Ji got this done by opening millions of bank accounts and bringing the poor and under privileged to formal economy. It’s to an extent, today you can proudly say, all Indians have bank account and they are part of formal economy and proud tax base that enjoy the development and the benefits of the nation.

Divider in Chief PM Modi has divided certainly the corrupt from the poor by his Jan Dhan Yojana “Zero Balance Bank Account” so that the subsidies and benefits the nation provides go to the hands of deserved ones rather than the middle men.

Divider in Chief PM Modi has divided the poverty and diseases by bringing the world famous “Ayushman Bharat Yojana” the health scheme. Never forget even after 70 years of Independence poor of the nation still had no reach to all the health facilities that were enjoyed by the rich and famous.

Divider in Chief PM Modi has divided the women of rural Bharat from smoke and cough by his Ujjwala Yojana by which these poor rural women who have to cook their daily meal by fire woods (by cutting trees) and coal which was making them sick and die early.

Yes we agree with Times Magazine’s Terror(PAK)Istan columnist Mr. Taseer Divider in Chief Modi Ji has divided a lot that pains many who don’t want Bharat to become a super power while he was multiplying the strength and resources of each of the good Citizens of the Proud Nation. Bharat Mata Ki Jai !!


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  • Jitendra , May 11, 2019 @ 4:51 pm

    Fully agree

  • Jit , May 11, 2019 @ 7:08 pm

    Very well and true analysis
    Completely agree , our beloved PM Modi saheb is “Divider in Cheif”

  • G Seetharamakrishnan , May 11, 2019 @ 11:13 pm

    Simply fantastic explanation

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