Thondaradippodi Alvar

Thondaradippodi Alvar

Thondaradippodi Alvar was very devoted to Lord Vishnu like all the alwars. But he did something and made the lord to take the form of his disciple and after that Tondurupuddi alwar became a great devotee of the devotees. Well how did this all happen?

So it all started when Thondaradippodi Alvar came to the temple of the lord. There he learned that the lord loved to be decorated. So he grew a beautiful flower garden with a variety of flowers. Daily he used to make garlands for the lord. Once two dancers of the king Devi and Devadevi came to the place where Tondurupuddi alwar was staying. Thondaradippodi Alvar was very handsome and as a result both Devi and Devadevi wanted to marry him.

Devadevi wanted to marry him very much apparently because after asking Thondaradippodi Alvar she changed into the saffron clothes. Thondaradippodi Alvar married her but after marriage he forgot all about doing the puja to the lord. As a result the lord came to the earth and stole a silver cup from the palace.

The guard found out that it was stolen and who stole it. They then called Thondaradippodi Alvar.  He said, he did not have any disciple of that kind. Soon the king had do decide what to do and he decided it. What was that?

It was that Thondaradippodi Alvar would be put in prison. That night Thondaradippodi Alvar cried in the prison. He said oh lord what did I do? Why are you making me go through this? So the lord of mercy (Karunanidhi) told the king the actual story in his dream. The king released Thondaradippodi Alvar and immediately.

Thondaradippodi Alvar went to the temple of the lord and there became the devotee of the devotee. He put the dust from the feet of the devotees on his head earning the name of Thondaradippodi Alvar.  This proves God straightens the devotee to bring them to the right path and we have to understand the message.


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