Tamil Warriors – Biased History & Buried Heroes !!

Tamil Warriors – Biased History & Buried Heroes !!
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Husain Nagari was renamed as Sivaganga and Hanuman flag was hoisted !! Life’s were given to save our Desh and Dharma !! Check out this incredible hidden story of how Kalaiyar Kovil Shiv Temple – Epicenter of Freedom fight !! How the real first war of independence was started from Kalaiyar Shiv Temple. Watch this video to Know what was Marudhu Brothers final wish? Who was Veera Mangai? Why historians hide these history? was Jallianwala Bagh really the the biggest human rights violation and massacre by British? Why Periya Marudhu samadhi in front of Kalaiyar temple?

This Video was recorded from the speech given at International Intellectual Discussion Forum during the occasion of 72nd Republic Day. If you want to be the part of this elite organization or to know more about it WhatsApp to +1 647 964 4790 with your name, Location & language and you can also get our one Dharmic message a day by joining our Telegram Chanel by clicking https://t.me/bharatmarg1 🙏🙏 Sambo Mahadev !!

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