Talking with Maharishi Saurav Ji after Musical night

Talking with Maharishi Saurav Ji after Musical night

One thing that stood out in this event was the Banquet hall was full and it was filled with both Hindu and Sikh community. It was a real surprise in a place like Toronto where divide and rule politics is being played to keep both Sikh & Hindu community divided and boil for self-interest by all the vested interest.. How is this possible.. So during the interview we asked that question to Maharishi along with what they are trying to accomplish.. Just here from him directly how the communities can be united and what they do and what attracts that many people to them and Sri Sri Sudershan Ji’s Sri Sri Gyan Vikas Kendra and more in this video now.

We from Bharat Mrag was invited to the Musical Night program in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada by one of our good friend and one of the Volunteer & sponsor of the event Sri Yogesh Sharma ji of Best Vacation Travel. We know Sri Yogesh Sharma ji as a great servant of Hindu causes.. and hence went to the event assuming something good will come out and not knowing what to expect.

Musical event was great.. Maharishi Saurav Ji and his musical crew were at it best and devotees/audience were dancing for those mesmerizing spiritual songs and kirtans.. It was a great show.. filled with devotion and enthusiasm. After this incredible event in Rose Banquet Hall, Prasad was served.. and it was great also.


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